Young Drivers Motor Insurance

Young Drivers Motor Insurance

Whether you or your youngest family members have recently passed your driving test, finding affordable car insurance for a young or new driver is increasingly difficult.

At Hinks, we have partnered with Marmalade to offer a range of Motor Insurance services for young drivers, learner drivers and new drivers.

If you want to insure your children on the family car, let a learner practice in your vehicle, or find an affordable policy after you’ve passed, click the links to the right to find out how Marmalade could help.


New Driver

Designed for new drivers aged 17 to 24, this cover allows motorists who have recently passed their test, or are a learner driver with their own vehicle, to insure their car using advanced black box telematics to lower the risks and help develop safe driving skills.

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Family Driver

An affordable alternative to adding a new named driver to an existing policy, Family Driver cover gives young drivers fully comprehensive insurance on a parent’s car without affecting the owners’ No Claims Discount, using smart black box technology.

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Learner Driver

Allowing learner drivers to practice before they pass, this instant insurance for provisional licence holders sits alongside the car’s main insurance policy. Available for 30, 60 or 90 days, it provides fully comprehensive cover when the learner is driving and won’t affect the policyholders’ No Claims Discount.

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Student Driver 

Ideal if there’s a student in your family who only drives during the summer holidays, this specialist policy offers short term cover for students with a full licence on a parent’s or friend’s car, available for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days at a time.

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Cars for Young Drivers

Newer cars tend to be safer, but aren’t always affordable for young drivers. Marmalade offers a car ownership scheme to help 17 to 24 year olds into newer, safer cars, offering deals including 12 months free black box insurance or an insurance or deposit contribution.

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