What Is Terrorism Insurance And How Does It Work?

Acts of terrorism thankfully remain something of a rarity but when they do happen, innocent and unassuming individuals and businesses are often caught up in the aftermath. In many ways, the results of an act of terrorism, be it an explosion, armed attack or hostage situation, are similar to that of a more conventional disaster such as a flood, fire or break-in. Property can be damaged, stock can be destroyed, lives can be endangered and it take businesses can be forced to close for a while why they restock and rebuild.

However, unlike flooding, fire, explosion, weather damage, theft and vandalism, acts of terrorism are usually not included as standard within a commercial property insurance policy meaning that if your business in unfortunate enough to be involved in such a situation, your insurance cover won’t provide you with any of the support you might expect. This means that the costs associated with repairing, rebuilding and restocking will have to come out of your pocket, and you will not receive any funds to make up for the loss of income you suffer while your doors are closed.

Thankfully, Terrorism Insurance can provide invaluable cover and protection in such situations and policies are easier than you might think to arrange. Though many businesses owners may view such cover as inessential, it is certainly worth considering in the current climate, particularly if your business is located in a built-up area or near a high-profile landmark, tourist attraction or commercial hub.

To discuss such an insurance policy and to assess how it could help protect your business, simply get in touch with the experienced brokers at Hinks Insurance and we’ll look at your situation to determine how Terrorism Insurance could work for you.