How Social Media could void your insurance cover…

From a palm tree-laden Instagram snap, to broadcasting your beach beverages on Facebook, we’re all guilty of the occasional ‘holiday brag’ on social media.

But holidaymakers are being warned to think twice before pressing ‘post’, to avoid risking their home security and invalidating their insurance.

Famously, social media star Kim Kardashian West was attacked by thieves after posting both pictures of her jewels and her location in Paris, inadvertently revealing this information to the burglars.

Even if your snorkelling selfies are more likely to be seen by your Granny than millions of followers, publicly sharing information such as your whereabouts online could pose a serious security risk – and could even see your insurer refusing to pay out.

Posting that you are on holiday makes it clear that your home is empty, while any previous bragging about expensive purchases advertises what might be in the house. As well as increasing the risk of a burglary, any claims you make on your home insurance after a break-in could be rejected because you didn’t take ‘reasonable care’ to keep your property safe.

Some insurers will check your social media activity before paying out, and those who check-in their location on Facebook could be refused a payout.

Amanda Bathory, insurance editor at, says: “It isn’t enough to double check your windows and doors these days. Posting your whereabouts on social media leaves the door wide open for criminals to plot and execute a burglary.

Make sure you tighten your security online by setting your privacy to the highest setting – if you really need to post that beach selfie, make sure only a circle of people you trust can see it.”