Health and happiness – how does Private Medical Insurance play a part in both?

What are the costs of sickness?

Staff absence costs UK businesses billions of pounds a year, with long term sickness accounting for £4.17bn according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research. Anxiety disorders, stress and depression are among the most common causes for long-term absence, with an estimated 70 million work days lost a year.

What’s the answer?

One approach to a healthy, happy workforce may vary greatly to another. For some, a gym membership might be just the thing, for others it might be an earlier finish on a Friday. Whatever the solution, the power of feeling valued is not to be underestimated, and by passing on the benefits to your employees that Private Medical Insurance has to offer, you’re recognising their worth as your workforce.

What Private Medical Insurance can offer your staff?


With thousands of medical specialists around the country ready to offer their expertise, your employees can have access to fast track appointments at a time that is going to suit them, which can lead to quicker diagnosis, and a more efficient referral procedure. As early intervention can make just as much difference in the workplace, this speed and flexibility could greatly reduce the number of days your team member needs to take off work.

Adaptable cover

A Private Medical Insurance policy begins with the basics, which can be expanded according to the areas in which you think your organisation may best benefit. This could include cancer care, access to physiotherapist psychiatric treatment.

Proactive support

Prevention is better than cure, and a Private Medical Insurance policy is not just a way of helping your employees on the mend, but making them aware of how they can take their health into their own hands.

This may include face to face, over the phone, or email counselling for those who are beginning to feel the strains of stress, anxiety or depression, allowing them the timely support they need to feel better about themselves and their work.

Or it could be an assessment of your occupational health, including workplace ergonomics and posters, to stem any muscle problems before they emerge.

The real value of Private Medical Insurance

The benefits stack up with Private Medical Insurance, and can mean a lot to your employees who are assured that they are valuable members of your workforce. A more positive outlook in the workplace is inevitably going to have an impact on health, as those who feel valued at work rather than stressed or unhappy are going to be least susceptible to anxiety disorders, which currently accounts for the majority of long-term sickness in the UK.

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