Are you baffled by insurance brokers?

We can understand why. The insurance market in itself can be confusing with all its terms and policy wordings, which is why insurance brokers can offer such a valuable service in sourcing, explaining, and managing your policy.

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions to help you understand what an insurance broker, and more specifically what we at Hinks, can do for you:

1. What insurance policies will you look for?

We have well known insurers on our books, as well as those specialising in niche areas. We’ll compare business insurance quotes amongst them and look for the one that’s going to be best for your needs, with the lowest possible rate available to us.

2. I have my insurance policy, now what?

You don’t need to do anything more other than let us know if anything in your business changes which may impact on your policy. Our Account Handlers will help manage your insurance portfolio for you.

3. Do you renew the same policy automatically?

No, because your circumstances may have changed, or an even better policy option may have emerged in that year. When it comes to your renewal date, we’ll search the market again for the best terms available from our panel of insurers and present you with the results and your options from there.
4. How do I know I’m getting good value in my policy?

As an independent broker, we will always act in an ethical manner by delivering customers with effective and good value solutions. It’s our philosophy at Hinks and our obligation to FCA Principle for Business of treating customers fairly.

5. Doesn’t it cost more going through an insurance broker?

It doesn’t cost you our clients any more than if you secured the same policy direct from the insurer. The payment of our services comes through commission from the insurer when we arrange cover through them, not through your policy premium.